"Not weird weird, but like exciting weird." -- Stephanie, 'Grease 2'

Film Earlier on today I found out that Doctor Who fandom has no limit. The latest DVD release is The Key To Time, the boxset I was lucky enough to win a couple of weeks ago, is a limited edition of fifteen thousand individually numbered copies. In order to make some attempt at working out the sales, prove that it really is a limited edition and possibly as a way of keeping a record of who has which copy, visitors to the Outpost Gallifrey discussion board are actually posting the number on the side of the box (in between fretting that they'll sell out very quickly). At some point I suspect someone will start looking for patterns.

Anway, I thought that was the most fanatical thing I'd lately see online, and then I saw a fan site for the film musical Grease 2. This isn't just something knocked together on Geocities through. In all its pinkness, this is as much an act of love as anything I've seen online. The About page demonstrates that any film has the potential to strike a chord with anyone, even that sequel. At least it gave the world Michelle Pfeiffer and the subsequent piano scene in The Fabulous Baker Boys. It's just a matter of being in a particular mood at a particular time. Imagine my disappointment then on seeing that adventuresinbabysitting.com is a link farm [via].

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