Balderdash & Piffle

TV [spoiler] Balderdash and piffle I say, once more. Look at the source. [more inside]

[Links broken: From the comments -- "I can't even believe I'm giving this house room, but even narratively speaking it's a joke and would annoy me even more than Catherine Tate's appearance is bugging other people. It cheapens the close of Doomsday for a start, plus it doesn't strike me that Billie even wants to go back even for a short time. It'd be like Sarah Jane Smith turning up for Tom's regeneration in Logopolis. Yes, I know they asked Liz but she didn't want to do it and I suspect Piper would be anti too even to commemorate David's 'era'. Once again, balderdash and piffle."]

[Editorial intervention: Um, yes. Looks at shoes.]

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