"All that stuff is probably non-existent. I probably destroyed that twenty years ago." -- Woody Allen

Film Surprising rare interview with Woody Allen actually in Manhatten (he's back there for his next film) in which he mentions how he'd like people to see his films:
"I would rather they're seen on the big screen. That's the whole idea of movies. Now, eventually I guess you'll be sitting in your media room at home and you'll have high-definition and a 1.85 screen that's seven feet by ten feet or something, and there won't be much difference, but the truth is it's made to be on a movie screen, a larger than life screen, with audiences filing in and buzzing about it and coming out and giving their opinions. It's a social experience and a communal experience. So, I don't love that they're seen for the first time on DVD, but there's nothing you can do because the culture has moved that way."
In the past decade I think I can count the number of his films I've seen on the big screen on one hand, which is very wrong. He also explains that Match Point was originally written to be filmed in New York, which does explain a lot about confusing cultural elements in that film.

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  1. I agree with that, but I'm also one of the people who go to the cinema very rarely. I think I have a good reason though; I refuse to watch badly dubbed films. That's what you get in Spain unless you're in Madrid of Barcelona. A real shame.