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TV I was visiting the local comic emporium to purchase the last regular Joss Whedon scripted issue of the Astonishing X-Men and asked about whether the US IDW Doctor Who comic books would be making an appearance over here. The man in the shop explained that the company have a reciprocal licensing agreement with Panini which means that they get to publish those Classic Comics things and in return their books can't be imported. Instead the people behind the party newsletter will be putting out a Graphic Novel in six months time binding the six stories together. I'm sure everyone else knew that but it was news to me. They suggested I try ebay but to be honest with all the other Who-related material knocking around I think I can wait.

Speaking of which, I'm sure you've all read a certain spoilery post at the SFX blog but just in case, there's more about it after the jump ...

Liz Sladen confirms to them that she will be back for the close of the fourth season in a story which is looking increasingly like the nu-Who equivalent of the anniversary story. At this rate I'm half expecting the Fifth Doctor to put his head around the TARDIS door.

But of course the slightly more exciting news is that The Sarah Jane Adventures has been renewed for a second series with an order for twenty-four episodes which is almost the same number as the mother series in the olden days. Although some of the comment there wonder if this is a misprint, but I'm not so sure -- it only roughly matches up to the same workload as a Torchwood.

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