"Go see it and see for yourself why you shouldn't go see it. " -- Samuel Goldwyn

Science It just seems in some ways that no matter how innovative some of us humans become, the more confused we are in other ways. Two examples:

Ananova: Bread bowl invented!
It's a naan-bread in the shape of a bowl so that if you have Chicken Korma, you can eat the receptacle afterwards so you only have to wash the fork. Amazing.

Download Squad: Sony may have the oddest plan ever for DRM-free music!
That's right. Instead of simply buying a cd in a nice box with a colourful inlay and has a potential resale value they want you to take a bit of plastic home instead to download some files to your computer yourself. Even though if you have broadband you could simply go somewhere online and download the files, without having to brave the weather and shelling out the bus fare to go to HMV or wherever. From the company that designed the Walkman back in the day. What happened there?

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