“It’s developing, I don’t necessarily think its developing into something different" -- Richard Stokes

TV SFX interviews Torchwood producer Richard Stokes. I think it's the frankest interview I've seen so far, talking around some of the production problems which have beset the first series:
"We extended the schedule very slightly but that was because we were massively under-scheduled last year, so we were filming two episodes at the same time for slightly longer than we wanted to last year. It worked, I mean I don’t think it showed on the screen at all, but it became a logistical nightmare. It’s been a very tough six and a half month shoot but we have had slightly less double-banking this year than last year. So in that way it’s been slightly more organised, slightly better scheduled in terms of the second series."
Actually I think that the double banking was very obvious in the first series, with many episodes, particularly Random Shoes only featuring a single regular for much of the running time. What's been heartening about most of the interviews I've read so far with the cast and crew is a certain acknowledgment that some elements of the first year didn't quite work, such as the lack of a team element and the fact that everyone seemed to want to kill each other on a weekly basis. Now they apparently like each other.

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