Music Alanis Morissette has a new album coming along in June. Flavors of Entanglement. Musically it sounds a touch confusing:
"Morissette has noted an expansion of her musical sound on Flavors of Entanglement, and that there are "more technological aspects to it on a sonic level" than previously. She said that because of her love for dancing, the album incorporates beats and loops that enable one to, in her words, "dance your face off". She has described the album as "a combination of everything" in which she has a musical interest, including hip hop beats and organic instruments. Morissette has referred to the album as "techno-sounding but organic" and said, "I like fusion." According to Billboard magazine, the album "balances world- and folk-influenced tracks against the experimental pop leanings of producer Guy Sigsworth."
As always, I'll reserve judgement although Sigsworth's had an interesting track record. Was in Frou-Frou with Imogen Heap, has previously produced Seal, Bomb The Base, Adamski, Bjork, the cool Hinda Hicks tracks on the GMT soundtrack (which is a favourite even if the film's not very good), Talvin Singh, Madonna (What It Feels Like For a Girl), Sugababes (then hasn't everyone?), Bebel Gilberto and Mutya Buena (the sappy R&B track Wonderful. Oh dear.)

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