Politics I've been reading the Daily Kos which should strike some of my readers (all one hundred and twenty odd of you via feedburner alone apparently) as a bit odd since (a) I'm British and (b) I don't pay much attention to uk politics at the best of times. But I'm clearly a Democrat, the outcome of the US election effects the whole world and it's a good way to see some of the detail which gets frowned out as our media attempts to interpret the position as it stands in the race to the big house. Much of the time though, admittedly I have no idea what they're walking about.

This post has caught my eye though. The content is fairly self explanatory and if nothing else the word 'suckitude' is being downloaded into my long term memory right now. The point made is very good and slightly disappointing -- that bloggers are still being seen as a 'group' with an 'attitude' rather than just as the public using a particular piece of software to get their ideas/life/news across -- just a (not even a) new way of disseminating information to a wide group without the need to for anything more than a computer and a web connection.

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