Journalism The Telegraph post Guardian interview about their My Telegraph service before The Guardian does. Hilarity ensues:
"Q. For example, we've found instances of BNP campaign literature being published on the site. What is your policy towards this? Will it be any different after the relaunch?
A. There is also content from Conservative councillors and party members as well as from Labour activists, Ukip supporters and independents. We don't endorse content posted by BNP supporters but we accept that they are a legal political party and they have the same right to free speech as anyone else. However, readers can report content that concerns them and we will examine it and take action based on our assessment.
The comments which follow are about what you'd expect, somewhat underscoring all of the prejudices highlighted in The Guardian's questions. I'm quite happy being a liberal, thanks, if that means I think racism, bigotry and sexism are bad things.

Three days later, The Guardian's posted the article in question, referring to that Telegraph post mid-stream (though oddly not linking to it) and offering a very balanced discussion of the responsibility websites must have over the content they host, especially if it is user generated. Here's my slightly less balanced view, from when My Telegraph launched.

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