Politics Nick Clegg, current leader of the Liberal Democrats writes what might be the most coherent article about the general state of modern politics I've ever read:
"A place where MPs vote on their own pay and expenses. Where backbenchers can wait on the green benches for up to six hours, just to make a three-minute speech. Woe betide anyone who ventures to the loo: they're liable to lose the chance of speaking at all. There are different coloured carpets to tell you what part of the building you're in. Different people with different coloured badges are allowed on different parts of the river terrace according to what time of year it is. A place, in short, from another age."
Of course, as a Lib Dem I'm biased, but this is a fluid piece of text I'd urge anyone to read. The actual business of government these days seems to be done by civil servants whilst people in the chamber spend their days point scoring and trying (and usually failing) not to look like an idiot. [via]

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