Elsewhere I'm really not proud of this review of last night's Doctor Who, which is a shame because despite being as subtle as a Michael Bay film, I loved it. Part of the problem is that these days I'm so excited about each new episode of the franchise, far more than new film releases or any other television that by the time its over I'm already drained and since I've made a promise to myself to write something about it the same evening, the result always seems to have a semi-coherent quality, with a full range of familiar crutch words in evidence, all 'actually', 'absolutely' and 'usually' and everything 'mostly' or 'exactly' 'seeming' to be 'something'. For all we know. Does is matter?

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  1. And then there's Lawrence Miles review which is as annoying as ever - and yet he's absolutely as gobsmacked by the ending as everyone else and is genuinely worried about the Doctor and has no idea what will come next.