Film Sophie Marceau found herself in the grips of a British press junket the other week for her new film French Agents. It must be one of the most artificial parts of the profession, sitting in a hotel room talking about yourself (see the Horse and Hound scene in Notting Hill), but it must then be even creepier to see what the journo has made of you afterwards, what angle they chose. I expect Sophie's got better things to do with her time, but perhaps her agent glanced at The Guardian on Friday and found Stuart Jeffries commenting on how beautiful she is:
"Marceau flicks her hair over her shoulder and looks contemplatively out the window on to a lovely London afternoon. She has a beautiful profile, brown eyes that you might write poetry about and lips curved into an ironic smile."
Of and Deborah Ross talking about how pretty she is with an engaging amount of self confidence:
"True, I am lucky in that I am very, very pretty indeed, but I do sometimes wonder about being this beautiful, and how my life might have panned out differently if I were. I later ask Ms Marceau if she ever imagines what it might be like to not be beautiful, and how her life might have panned out differently. "I do not think about this, non," she says. At least we now know. And at least she doesn't deny being beautiful, which many beautiful women do even if it is the most interesting thing about them.
I think Jeffries wins on points, but Ross wins a consolation prize for saying how French Marceau is.

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