the sheer brace of strangers

Liverpool Biennial Private View @ FACT Liverpool

Liverpool Biennial 2008 I've just got back from the preview evening for this year's Liverpool Biennial. I'll not talk about the art now since I want to go back and see some things again (all I'll say, and this is for the most hardcore of Doctor Who fans, Harry Van Gorkum!). I'm a bit out of practice with private views. They tend to be a bit cliquey around here so unless you're a regular (which I'm not, though not through want of trying) or with someone (I wasn't) it's difficult to really meet people because everyone's already met. There were a few familiar faces, people from the past, probably the last time I saw them was at the last Biennial preview, and it was nice to see them. But people are with people so, well, it's difficult to share more than a couple of words. In most other circumstance I'm not shy, at least not any more. Yet, here, the sheer brace of strangers was intimidating.

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