tasted like oily chicken

Liverpool Food Festival

Liverpool Life I’ve just spent the morning and lunchtime at the launch of the Liverpool's Food & Drink Festival '08 which as you can see is at Sefton Park and within walking distance of home. Most of the main restaurants and café’s are represented with free samples galore. Diet out of the window, I proved definitively that there is such a thing as a free lunch, with lamb and beef burgers, pizza, cake, pan au chocolate, strawberries and cream all passing my lips, washed down with Fijian water which according the short lecture I was given by the stall holder is the cleanest in the world, untouched by human hand from aquifer to bottle.

I’m no Chez Pim, but there wasn’t anything too objectionable except perhaps for the stewed goat which tasted like oily chicken and had the consistency of lamb shank. It’s a wonder I haven’t got indigestion. Of course the problem with actually living above something like this, is that even when you’ve trotted away for the sake of your own health, it’s still temptingly within your own eyeline. Dare I risk returning later? Perhaps I'll just curl up with my goody bag, all Jacobs crackers and Green and Blacks chocolate topped off with green tea. Yum.

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  1. Anonymous4:21 pm

    There was some nice stuff on offer wasn't there?

    We don't have the tents and smells on our doorstep trying to draw us in, but lots of the restaurants in attendance are only a hundred metres or so further down Hope Street... we'll have to see if we can hold out against temptation - at least the stuff by you was largely free ;-)

    I wondered if it was one of the tower blocks next to the festival that you lived in. You can't quite see our bikes on your photo - I think they were chained to the fence just off to the bottom right.