Lovefilm Fail.

DVD I've been on a holiday from Lovefilm over the Christmas period because there's always something else to watch and there's basically no postal service. I've just received this email which I think is worth some scrutiny:

Lovefilm Fail

(1) It can't add up -- with over a thousand titles in my list it thinks I'm running low.

(2) Look at those recommendations. Given that my thousand choices feature hardly any horror films or Eddie Murphy films, why would it think I'd like the sequel to the remake of The Hills Have Eyes and Norbit? I read Sight and Sound for god's sake.

(3) Is Lucky You any good?

(4) I have Final Destination 2 (Ali Larter) but why would I want to risk seeing Final Destination 3 first?

In other words ...

Lovefilm Fail.

Such a shame.

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