I'm happy to keep Mr. Richer in business.

Life Today has been rather atypical. Here’s why:

(1) My dvd recorder died. The motor on the disc reader finally clattered its last and the misplaced laser began misreading dvds. I do think it should have lasted more than three years, but I’ve probably used it more than most. After some research, I realised it would be cheaper to buy a new one. I now have one of these, though being ‘slightly’ impatient, I visited the local Richer Sound and paid a little bit more than the Amazon price. I can’t imagine how I ever lived without a PVR. Or how I’m going to afford to pay for it. Though I'm happy to keep Mr. Richer in business.

(2) Whilst I was there, someone was returning a television because she said it looked too much like a computer monitor. Because it was a flat screen. Welcome to 2009.

(3) I also noticed that Richer Sound seems to sell more televisions than radios these days. It's the high street equivalent of the Radio Times.

(3) I watched Labyrinth for the first time in years. I still knew the lyrics to all of the songs. Bowie is god as well as a goblin king. The young Jennifer Connelly wasn’t as good then as she is now.

(4) I wondered what happened to Ione Skye and Daphne Zuniga who for brief periods I thought starred in Labyrinth. Turns out Ione had a cameo in David Fincher’s Zodiac and Daphs appeared in all thirteen episodes of the animated Spaceballs and spent eleven episodes on One Tree Hill.

(5) Listened to Jona Lewie’s Stop The Cavalry. He said once it had nothing particularly to do with Christmas. He was wrong, sob.

(6) Evening meal: Asda ‘Extra Special’ Moussaka. Which was nothing of the sort, being instead essentially one of their lasagnes with aubergine and potato instead of pasta and the kind of meat in gravy they use in their pies. It was sad, and tasted like watery cream.

(7) I’ve just received a comment from someone noting that throughout this piece about the Odeon, I somehow managed to call him Oscar Schindler. I'm was mortified. I've also fixed it.

(8) Day ain’t over yet …

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Louis Barfe said...

Welcome to the world of PVRs. I know a lot of people swear by the hard drive-only models, but you need a built-in DVD writer to archive the hours of cack you will now find it all too easy to record. Brilliant machines, especially the ones with Freeview. Mr Richer and I have had a relationship of mutual convenience for 20-odd years now. Long may he reign.