emotionally raw

People Yes, I know, the promised extra 25 things haven't been forthcoming. I've been busy with this and that and 'tother. So, for now, here are reporter Dawn Porter's instead, since it's one of the most emotionally raw examples I've seen and I was going to include 24 myself.


  1. I too did mine on Facebook a while ago, but you have prompted me to share them, you can find them here:

    I found it quite hard to get the balance of how personal v how revealing they might be, and even more so now that they are on my blog for my 4 or 5 readers!

    I hope you do yours soon, it's quite therapeutic (although I did notice you had 100 already!)

  2. Which is the problem. There's not much more to say. But I'm thinking. I have a promise to keep.