isn't as bad as it could be

About Of course I've thought about how I'd look if a potential employer were to Google my name. But I didn't consider that you could hire a company to massage those results:
"Forget your references, your ­résumé, and the degree on your wall. “Whatever’s in the top 10 ­results of a search for your name on Google—that’s your [professional] image,” says Chris Martin, founder of the small internet company Reputation Hawk, which is one of several outfits that focus on keeping that top 10 clean for their clients."
At present, mine includes this blog, my profile at the defunct BBC collective, Behind The Sofa, my post at The Bold Street Blog, my author page at Off The Telly, my playlist at Emma Kennedy's blog, my Facebook profile, my Buzzfeed profile, Liverpool Confidential, flickr then Twitter. Which isn't as bad as it could be...


  1. Yeah. You could be me. Or not, if you see what I mean.

  2. Though there is a certain anonymity in that...