the kind of sitcom I'd ignore

TV Free Agents sounds like exactly the kind of sitcom I'd ignore after reading the Radio Times listing, but this behind the scenes 'expose' lists some of the talent involved and the passion behind the enterprise so I'm firmly nudged in the direction of giving it some time:
"For writer Chris Niel, who is huddled over a giant coffee, this must be very strange. Free Agents grew out of his time as an actors' agent, so on set he has practically been watching the re-enactment of his own life. "My first marriage broke up, and I was working in this place that was almost like an emotional casualty ward," he says. "There was a weird comedy paradox between this ultra-sophisticated and occasionally quite glamorous world, and all these car-crash personal lives."
Nira Park from one of the producers of Spaced and Black Books is working on this and it stars Sharon Horgan. That's pretty convincing, isn't it?

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