Politics David Bartlett from the Liverpool Daily Post has an excellent piece about the expenses scandal:
"Being an MP should be a privilege, it is not a right. Yet some of these MPs have behaved like they had a divine right not only to hold office but to also pretty much fleece the taxpayer with complete impunity. They have spent months trying to keep these claims secret, secret from the very people that put them into their positions of privilege and pay the taxes that pay their wages and their expenses. Do I think all MPs are bent or on the make? No, but enough of them have abused the system to taint them all and our parliament."
I just feel sorry for the few MPs that genuinely did nothing wrong, have worked hard for their constituents and are now being tarred with the same brush. And the people who work for the MPs that have done something wrong and are having to cope with the public reaction to their manager's misdealings. At this point it's difficult to see how we can trust the people who represent us again.

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  1. Yes, I do find the expenses scandal as funny as I do condemnable. Austin Mitchell's wife going on about the need for two lots of knickers yesterday was a belter.