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It's Only Rock And Roll

An antidote, then, to last week's monstrosity. This works simply because it's a free-wheeling meringue, a well chosen song to cover, put together with a modicum of taste. At time of release, a television documentary followed producer Ray Barretto as he met these singers and musicians in recording studios, homes and hotel rooms recording their contributions and simultaneously putting together the video which we then saw being layered together. It was a technical marvel which made the result sound even more impressive. True, Ronan Keating segways into Robin Williams and a leather jacketed Lionel Ritchie is in there too, and the Spice Girls are in their post-Geri period, but there's Joe Cocker to Iggy Pop and Chrissie Hynde and Skin and Jackson Browne which balances everything out somehow. Plus it ends on Natalie Imruglia giving it some elfin Tom Waits... (or indeed Mick Jagger ...)


  1. I love this track - but that would be Natalie channeling a little Mick Jagger rather than Tom Waites surely???

  2. Of course, you're right. But listen to that range...