This blog will not go dark.

Life With any luck, but nine o'clock tomorrow morning I'll be on the train to Birmingham where I'll be changing for Stratford Upon Avon where I'll be hero worshipping for five days. It's not my first time. In 1992, the family took a coach trip there because it seemed the thing to do when studying Shakespeare, but then I wasn't catagorically 'a fan'. I am now.

It's the longest holiday I've taken in twelve years, since the Edinburgh trip in 1998. In between there's been three days in Paris, a night or so in Oxford (the so being the overnight coach trip there and back) and an overnighter to Cardiff in 2004 for reasons I'm sure you can guess, though note I got there first.

I'm exiling myself from the web. No twitter, no blogging, no email, no rss. Which isn't to say there won't be anything here to keep you entertained; a couple of people commented at the Tweetup the other day that I'm a fairly prodigious blogger and there doesn't seem to be much point in changing that just because I'm away from a computer. This blog will not go dark. Ghosts of the past, as you'll see.

Speak to you when I get back.

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Unknown said...

Have a lovely (and well-earned) holiday Stuart - just don't get seduced by the delights of Coventry.