any old rubbish onto the screen

TV The headline on this post-broadcast interview with Russell T Davies on the death of Torchwood's Ianto is a bit misleading (he says it in jest), but nonetheless this is a typically entertaining interview in which Russell basically tells those fans who are still riled up about the whole thing to, well, grow up:
"People often say, 'Fans have got their knives out!' They haven't got any knives. I haven't been stabbed. Nothing's happened. It's simply a few people typing. I'm glad they're typing because they’re that involved. But if you can’t handle drama you shouldn’t watch it. Find something else. Go look at poetry. Poetry’s wonderful."
The reaction in the comments is as you'd expect:
"I already watch Supernatural thank you very much. I will gladly never watch anything you ever make again. You are a poor excuse for a writer and a nasty human being at that RTD. You have no respect for your fans or your characters. I wish you nothing but bad luck."
Even though, if he was a poor excuse for a writer you wouldn't care about any of this in the first place J.B. and if Russell didn't have any respect for his fans he'd just do what many other producers on tv do and push any old rubbish onto the screen, because, y'know, it is only sci-fi. Get some perspective (!).

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