Where did all the cheese go?

Food I've sent an email ...
To: Customer Relations, Northern Foods:

Find attached some photographs of your San Marco Familia Hawaii frozen pizza and the illustrative photograph from the box. I have but one question:

Where did all the cheese go?

There didn't seem to be much when I took the pizza out of the plastic wrapper but I hoped that it would spread out a bit during the cooking process. Unfortunately, and disappointingly (as you can see), that didn't happen. So instead of the juicy looking pizza on the box which had enticed me to select that instead of the others in Asda's freezer whilst shopping the other day, I ended up with the offering I've just had to crunch through for dinner this evening.

I know that when I cook a pizza it's not going to look exactly the same -- you have better ovens than we do, but surely suggesting that we would be getting a topping that looked one way and offering something else in the box is a bit unfair. In case you're wondering that isn't cooked cheese in the middle it's where some bare pasty has burned to a crisp. I could talk also about the dry bits of ham and the rather limp pineapple but I think I've already made my point.

I was disappointed, my dinner was ruined, and that is a shame.

Take care,

Those photographs in full ...

[Of course frozen pizza rarely looks like the box or something from a restaurant and I should have known better but this was a treat and I mean look at it ... ]

UPDATED! 27/07/09 I've already received a reply:
Dear Mr. Burns,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your recent complaint with San Marco Hawaiian pizza. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused as a result of this incident.

All the toppings are placed on the pizzas mechanically and then between the final topping stage and the spiral freezer, all products must pass our Visual Inspectors. I must apologise for the momentary lapse by our Visual Inspectors, which gave rise to this problem and allowed this defective product to pass undetected into the distribution chain.

All relevant Production, Quality Control and Marketing staff for this product have been informed of your complaint. Please be assured that we at Green Isle Foods go to great lengths to ensure that all our products meet the usual high standards.

I appreciate that you took the time to notify us of this problem and I trust you will have enough confidence in our product to try it again.

Please forward your home address as I would like to send a gesture of goodwill.

Many Thanks & Kind Regards

[name redacted]
Customer Services
Green Isle Foods.
Thanks very much to them for the swift reply and as I said I will be trying their pizza again. I wonder what they'll send me...


  1. Talk about false advertising. Let us know if you get a response. Maybe your e-mail will get them to be more generous with the cheese...

  2. Anonymous8:39 pm

    I find that most frozen pizzas are lacking in cheese.

    happy to see that you've started a revolution to do something about it!

    Well done!