links for 2009-07-07

  • "I decided to use the 19th Century, un-tutored, signmakers' sanserif you see on buildings around the city as a starting point and draw a bespoke font for the job," Baines explains. "The lettering is set in capitals-only to provide maximum character area."

  • "A few days ago I found out about a project that the Liverpool Architecture Society is in the process of launching. The Integrated City Project is a challenge to look at ways of reconnecting the various districts and areas of Liverpool and working out a cohesive set of suggestions and plans for how best to develop the city."

  • One of my favourite films, a cavalcade if imagery that was waay ahead of its time, though you do have to be careful to watch a version with a decent soundtrack. There are few rotters out there.

  • Ben gives his counterpart at The Independent a talking to. The response letter to the editor is hilarious.

  • Frank account of problems with the toilet and visiting thereof. Since it's nearly a week later, I hope you've been. Also, eat lots apples. That tends to shift it for me.

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