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Torchwood Titles

Regular readers will know that I generally have a love though mostly hate relationship with the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood. It's a bizarre thing, a folly, adult drama played out in the universe of a family adventure which has never settled into one particular tone so desperate is it not to play by any rules even if those rules govern such boring things as narrative coherence and logical character development.

Over time I've realised that best way to watch the show must be with the kind of revere required for some art films in which our usual expectations for what should be happening and what we've been trained to expect from fiction have to be ignored in favour of what's in front of us and that it probably works on its own terms. In other words, if Last Year at Marienbad can be acceptable entertainment why not an arc story about a living corpse who dies anyway?

Most of the following reviews were written in the wee small hours after the late broadcast of an episode as I wrestled with the thorny problem of trying to have a coherent opinion and attempt to word it in a coherent manner before falling asleep at the keyboard. To read them in order is probably to find someone slowly but surely going insane ...

Season One

Everything Changes
Day One
Ghost Machine
Small Worlds
Greeks Bearing Gifts
They Keep Killing Suzie
Random Shoes
Out of Time
Captain Jack Harkness
End of Days

Season Two

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
To the Last Man
Dead Man Walking
A Day in the Death
Something Borrowed
From Out of the Rain
Exit Wounds

Radio Plays

Lost Souls
Golden Age
The Dead Line

[Wow, I'd forgotten about giving Cyberwoman a positive review. And most of the second series...]

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