a mysterious blue light

TV On the 10th February this year a mysterious blue light appeared amongst the trees in Sefton Park:

It hovered there for nearly an hour before I decided to go and investigate, stepping out into the park from the safety of my home. As I drew closer, my heart pumping because after watching seven seasons of The X-Files (before it became convoluted and rubbish) I knew a blue light could mean only one thing. My hands were shaking:

My eyes blurry (!):

By then (obviously) I could tell that the blue light was fixed to the top of a crane overlooking a garden. Further round I could see some catering vans, a make-up and costume truck and a pile of equipment. It was one of the film crews we regularly see around the park taking advantage of our fabulous period architecture. There was a lighting engineer. I asked him what they were filming. "Some kind of spooky adventure for kids" was all he would tell me. I didn't press him further -- wasn't really any of my business.

Turns out they were filming a new BBC Two series called The Well, the headline being that it features new Doctor Who girl Karen Gillan. I was within papping distance of the new companion and didn't even know it. Enquiries about the photographs featured here, the only three photographs I took, should be directed to the email address at the top of the blog. Etc.

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