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Music News comes that Peter Gabriel is to release an album of orchestral covers, his first record in many a year apart from some noodling in world music and on film soundtracks. Though The Guardian makes much of the preview of The Boy In The Bubble, his version of The Magnetic Field's The Book of Love has already appeared on the Shall We Dance film soundtrack:

I'm note quite sure that the lyrics work outside the context of the original version which seems to have a deliberately home made quality, the kind of sound which might emanate in a student bedroom at three o'clock in the morning (spotify link). Gabriel's warm voice and the rich soundtrack overemphasise the meaning of them. Perhaps The Monotones song would be a more interesting choice (spotify).

Two playlists for the price of one. Firstly, a collection of alternative The Book of Love covers, some of which are pretty but never quite match The Magnetic Fields. I've also included The Magnetic Fields:

The second is the track listing for the album in the original versions before Gabriel gets his hands on them. The only track missing is The Power of the Heart which Lou Reed doesn't seem to have turned into wax, plastic or digital pixie dust himself yet and Elbow's Mirrorball.

One potential improved by this varnishing could be the Neil Young which is perfectly fine, but has a rubbish synthesiser in the background instead of an orchestra as though someone decided to master the temp track.

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