Tom Hanks shouts at people a lot

Film With the mail backlog working it's way through ready for the next backlog because of the strike, I was able to watch the two dvds that Lovefilm posted to me last week. Easy Virtue which we've already discussed and How To Love Friends and Alienate People, the Simon Pegg starring adaptation of critic Toby Young's memoir which turns what should be a searing critique of the parasitic nature of journalism within celebrity culture into a remake of Elizabethtown.

Neither film has that much in common other than that they're about culture clashes, a Yank over here, a Brit over there. Except, and this is where it becomes a bit strange and spoilery, both feature a scene were said fish out of water manages to flatten a much love small yappy dog for comic effect and then have to dispose of it and in a way that will ultimately lead to their downfall. Both scenes make you squirm in the squishment, though it has to be said that neither is as amusing as the caninicide in A Fish Called Wanda.

I've always had a suspicion whenever it sends me everything on my list featuring a particular actor or by a single director that Lovefilm's selection algorithm is highly attuned. I didn't ever suspected that it also knew the content of the films and would attempt to match up those with similar scenes and decide to send them at the same time. And frankly this is just too specific for my taste. I've had a glance through the list and I don't think there are any other bizarre connections in there. Well, unless somehow The Young Victoria also has a scene were Tom Hanks shouts at people a lot in the Vatican.

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