"Eldrad must live!"

Music Village Voice gives Counting Crow's cover of Big Yellow Taxi a going over. Says it's the worst song of the noughties:
"When "Big Yellow Taxi" appeared, it wasn't because Counting Crows didn't have any ideas. (Though it wouldn't be too surprising if Adam Duritz's pea-sized brain was 85% dreadlocks, 10% water, and 5% actress phone numbers.) "Big Yellow Taxi" exists because the same nation that re-elected President Bush and demanded a sequel to Beverly Hills Chihuahua practically pisses their sweatpants at the idea of a modicum of change."
It isn't. It's a fairly inoffensive cover version and which has the advantageous addition of a pop video in which Vanessa Carlton swans about looking like a 70s Sarah Jane Smith ("Eldrad must live!"). They're wrong about this too (Amelle's bit is her single greatest contribution to the band's career). Any list that fails to acknowledge Cowell and his cohorts is incorrect on a great number of levels. But the argument is funny which is why I'm still bothering to post a link.

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