Not Review 2009: Predictions

That Day It's that time of year again when I assess my predictions for the passing year and make up some new ones. Here's what I thought:

The Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes film will turn to be good.
It did apparently. Even Mark Kermode liked it. He says so in this video. He hates Guy Ritchie. That's proof enough for me. One mark.

Gallifrey will be resurrected in Doctor Who but the Tenth Doctor will end up regenerating in the process. The next Doctor will be Patterson Joseph.
Gallifrey is back in Tennant's regeneration story. Despite what Philip Rhys said, Matt Smith is the next Doctor. Half mark depending on what happens tomorrow night.

Keisha will leave the Sugababes
This was a joke. I didn't actually think it would happen. But there we are. In recent days, Amelle and Heidi have said that it was in fact they who left the group leaving Keisha alone. But since they're still calling themselves Sugababes as an anonymous commenter at No Rock and Roll Fun characterised it: "I don't see how this counts as unfair dismissal, we didn't sack the guy, we just started a new company and invited everyone except him to come and work for us. Oh, and we kept the same name and premises." Unless they're Sugababes and Keisha can start a group called THE Sugababes. Yes, that would work. One Mark.

The Independent will close or merge properly with another newspaper
The Indy is still going, though they have moved into the offices of the Daily Mail. But since that was already happening before I made this prediction I can hardly take any credit for that. No Marks.

A lost or previously unknown work by Leonardo da Vinci will be discovered
Two. A self-portrait in a manuscript and a painting of a young girl. There was also a portait of the artist by someone else. One Mark. I'm not greedy.

Three and a half marks. Not bad. Which is better than last year.

Right then.

The Beatles back catalogue will officially be made available for digital download.

Hung parliament at next election, with the Lib Dems gaining real political power (Vince Cable chancellor?)

Blu-Ray "fails". Remains a niche consumer item like laserdisc.

BBC Two's remit changes to something akin to BBC Four, which in turn pushes BBC Four farther upmarket to become even more like a tv mashup of Radios 3 and 4.

Carey Mulligan will be nominated for an Oscar. I hope that hasn't jinxed her chances.

See you on the other side.

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