in every city centre shop

Music The story of Bing and Bowie's Little Drummer Boy, from the Washington Post a couple of years ago:
"The original plan had been for Bowie and Crosby to sing just "Little Drummer Boy." But "David came in and said: 'I hate this song. Is there something else I could sing?' " Fraser said. "We didn't know quite what to do."

"Fraser, Kohan and Grossman left the set and found a piano in the studios' basement. In about 75 minutes, they wrote "Peace on Earth," an original tune, and worked out an arrangement that weaved together the two songs. Bowie and Crosby nailed the performance with less than an hour of rehearsal."

"And that was almost that. "We never expected to hear about it again," Kohan said."
Or see the performance looped all day on television. Or on repeat in every city centre shop.

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