Lost In Time.

TV In case anyone is visiting searching for up to the minute opinions of the Eighth Doctor and Lucie's latest audio adventures which were broadcast completely unheralded on BBC7 these past couple of nights (not even a mention on the official site), they were originally reviewed this time last year as part of their proper season.

Sisters of the Flame: "Let’s be honest, this is really a sisterhood in the Alicia’s Attic sense of the word – we only hear from two of them, with Olsson joined by Nicola Weeks as Lucie’s initial abductor Haspira (who’s just one vowel away from sounding like a Paul Magrs creation). I particularly appreciated the back reference to Tom and Paul's underscoring of the subtle differences between the two of them."

Vengeance of Morbius: "It’s a bit of a mess, but endearingly so."

Ambiguously all the announcer gave us at the end of the second episode was a "wait and see" and a trail for the Christmas tv special so lord knows when and if the next series will be broadcast. But rest assured etc.

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