Sarah Palin at the Tea Party Convention.

Politics While we were sleeping the United States held its breath in case Sarah Palin said something useful or interesting during her keynote speech to the National Tea Party convention. Of the live blogs I've seen Jezebel seems to capture the emotional measure of it:
""What's the Palin plan?" A: "The Palin Plan? It's quite simple." She "gets a kick out of it" when "the elitists" say that she's simple minded. She says her plan is to reward those who understand the principles of our country, which is hilarious, because she doesn't seem to understand the principles of our country (see: divine intervention, about 4 minutes ago.) She is bullshitting. She has no plan. She just said "We win, they lose." Her plan is the equivalent of the plan of the Hawks coach from The Mighty Ducks, apparently."
C-SPAN have uploaded the speech to YouTube. From what I've seen, it's generally content free; she says everything you'd expect her to say and entirely contradicts in places the reality of what's happening in Washington.

As though such things haven't happened already she speaks of building coalitions when that's exactly what Obama's being trying to do only to be rebuffed and stonewalled. She says he needs to cut spending, when he's done just that to the cost of a new Moon mission -- initiated by Bush. She's contradictory, anti-context and it would be interesting to see her invited to speak before a gathering of Democrats and answer questions. But she wouldn't. Obama did. Funny that.

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