Steven Moffat has changed his mind.

TV Just for the record, Steven Moffat has changed his mind:
“Well we have to ask the fundamental question ‘What is Doctor Who?’ What demand does it supply? What audience does it serve? Now, a few of you might not like what I’m going to say next. Grip the arms of your chair, grind your teeth and wrap your head around this … Doctor Who is a children’s programme. No ifs. No buts. Definitely!” -- Steven Moffat, Doctor Who Magazine, Issue 279, 30 June 1999

"The only drama the BBC will boast about are Merlin and Doctor Who, which are fine, but they're children's programmes. They're not for adults "And they're very good children's programmes, don't get me wrong, they're wonderfully written … but they are not for adults." -- Steven Fry during the Q&A after giving the Bafta Annual Television Lecture, 2010.

"It was designed specifically to be a family programme, that's what it's for." -- Steven Moffat, during the Q&A after a showing of Doctor Who's The Pandorica Opens.
For the record, I think they're both wrong and write. Doctor Who can be a children's programme, for families and even specifically target adults. It just depends who's writing it.

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