Blessed live and unleashed.

Music Brian Blessed to adlib between songs at opera concert where he's meeting the performers for the first time:
"Those early memories are why Blessed is particularly looking forward to returning to the resort tomorrow. He has agreed to host the inaugural gala of Scarborough's new open air theatre, introducing Dame Kiri te Kanawa and José Carreras and providing a little padding between the music. He has looked at the programme, scribbled down a few notes, but he is not one for scripts and those lucky to have tickets will be treated to Blessed live and unleashed.

"Any chance I have to get back to Yorkshire my heart rejoices," he says. "Truly, it is the centre of the Earth to me. The merest glimpse of the moors makes me feel alive and breathing in the sea air lifts the spirit.

"I have never met Dame Kiri or José Carreras, so that will be a treat and when I think of hearing the Huddersfield Choral Society together with the Orchestra of Opera North, I am in heaven. It will be absolutely fabulous."
Fantastic interview overall. He's a classically trained opera singer himself and was coached by the real Pavarotti when he sang Nessum Dorma on Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes. There's an image (and noise probably) worth savouring.

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