"Talk about an omen!"

TV I haven't seen this linked anywhere else, so here's Katherine Jenkins blogging about winning the role in Doctor Who:
"As I’m sure you will have heard by now, I’m set to be in the Doctor Who Christmas Special! I’ve never acted before in my life so was really nervous at the audition. I was absolutely blown away when I was told I had got the job! Talk about the icing on my 30th birthday cake! The weird thing was that after my audition, and during my birthday stay at the manor house, I bumped into Dr Who aka Matt Smith, he was staying at the same place as me. Talk about an omen! Since getting the job I’ve been so busy filming but it’s been an incredible learning experience and such an honour to be part of something so iconic. I’m absolutely sworn to secrecy and can’t give anything away about my character, but I will say I look great in a Dalek costume, hahaha. You’re in for a treat this Christmas!"
Key piece of information: she had to audition so she's isn't necessarily doing it just because she's Katherine Jenkins but because she might have a bit of acting talent. Good for her.

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