National Sculpture Prize 2010 at The Blue Coat Display Centre.

Art Still available for the next couple of days is as I've already heralded in the title, the National Sculpture Prize 2010 exhibition at the The Blue Coat Display Centre. I passed through yesterday on my way home from meeting/being in the same room as Vince Cable, still in my suit and when I brought out my notepad to write some notes for the next paragraph, someone came over and asked if I was from the Arts Council which was very flattering. Just a blogger, I said, not really wanting to give the wrong impression. It was still proof that I should wear my suit more often.

Of the objects in the space, my favourite is the People's Choice winner, Nicolas Moreton's "Oh Joyous Light". A giant stone ovoid, broken in two, it's rather an agate crystal which has rebelled and decided to obey the laws of Euclidean geometry. There's something other, uncanny about it, especially since Moreton has placed a light source in the centre bringing to mind the moments in films like Alien, Cocoon and The Fly when an incubator breaks open. It's the kind of work that frees the imagination. What could have escaped and where is it now?

The rest of the collection can be seen here and in the centre itself until the 25th September.

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