Obi-Wan and Yoda living in exile

Film The Binary Bonsai has this lengthy essay on the creation of Chewbacca:
"Around 8.30 on Monday, April 12th, 1976 on stage 3 of Elstree studios in England, then the home of Mos Eisly’s Docking Bay 94 (and later rebuilt into the Death Star docking bay) and one certain Corellian hunk o’ junk, Peter Mayhew and Harrison Ford stepped in front of the camera for scene AA53, ‘Jabba and Han Solo in docking bay’, their first.

The rest is history."
Late on, the writer suggests that Chewie has nothing to do in Star Wars and that Lucas agrees.

They're wrong.

I think that Lucas, by including Chewie in the prequels has inadvertently retroactively given the wookie a pivotal role (I'm extrapolating from the this classic old Slate article) in A New Hope.

If you believe that the Jedi (or what was left of them) had a long term plan to retake the galaxy from the Empire, which includes the none wiping of R2D2's memory, the wiping of C3PO's memory and Obi-Wan and Yoda living in exile until required to nudge Luke (or Leia) along in their training, it's not entirely impossible that Chewie brought Han unknowingly to Tatooine for a long standing, all part of the plan, agreed rendezvous with Obi-Wan, effectively making Solo the sidekick.

Poor Greedo.

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