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TV BBC releases trailer for The Thirteen Doctors:

Not really, but unless you knew Michael Gambon was in the Christmas special, on the strength of the footage which weaves through all the other choice cuts, you'd think Poliakoff had a new one out which suggests this will be tonally closer to the old M.R. James adaptations (or the Hinchcliffe era) than anything else we've seen lately.

You will have also heard by now, of course, that the previously trailed Shakespeare productions for 2012 are in fact the thought forgotten Sam Mendes films, which it turns out are adaptations of the history tetralogy Richard II, Henry IV part I and II, and Henry V.

Even though it would have been nice to see some of the minor plays given a run out, this is commercially a wise decision, and given the Mendes's involvement the casting should be suitably starry even on television. The main problem will be in finding a different approach to Henry V; the Branagh is pretty definitive in filmic terms.

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