"we kept tabs on who’d joined our blogging fraternity"

Blog! Katy captures the blogging scene at the turn of the century. Considering the speed with which the world has changed and the web, it sounds about as distant as the 1960s:
"It really was a small, and pretty tight-knit community. A new UK blog being created was big news, and as RSS readers weren’t yet commonplace (if they’d even been invented?), we kept tabs on who’d joined our blogging fraternity when they were updated through the Updated UK weblogs list. And in fact if you wanted, you could find a list of pretty much every weblog published by going to the Eatonweb portal, published by Brigitte Eaton: in ’99 she compiled a list of every weblog she knew about and created the Eatonweb Portal. It’s still going and now it’s a massive directory, but back then it was a personal and hand-curated list of pretty much all the weblogs out there on t’interwebs, all listed in one place. It was awesome."
[via LMG, for old times sake]

Meanwhile, Blogs & Bloggers was recently a category on US gameshow Jeopardy. This blog would be rather of a winner if a similar round turned up on Pointless.

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