Liverpool Biennial 2010: Cristina Lucas at Europleasure International Ltd.

Europleasure International Ltd.

Art Look at this photograph, really look at it. Because I stood in front of the building taking it, stood for a few minutes deciding on the correct angle, waiting for the cars to be in the right position, waiting for the pavement to clear, worked for the composition I wanted and at no point did I notice what had happened to the windows, not until I was uploading the thing to flickr ready for posting here. Even though it's perfectly obvious from the picture in the mock-up in the Biennial catalogue too, even though it's the title of the work itself.

But Cristina Lucas's Touch and Go has plenty of surprises. A fusion between installation and video piece, inside the building, accessible via the Scandinavian Hotel and past the room inhabited by the Alfredo Jaar piece, a film is being projected in which a series of older, respectable looking people, unionists, hurl bricks and stones at the building breaking these windows, aptly representing and re-igniting the public unrest of 1968. The screen is set on the floor of the building which still has, strewn across the it, the aftermath of the video, the broken glass and I think stones.

The surprise is that one of my neighbours is in there, proudly giving a house brick some welly, catching a window pain at a good angle. I've known her for nearly twenty years (blimey) and it's the last thing I would expect to ever see her doing, so proudly and with such a sense of defiance. But perhaps conscious that adults should not be seen to be doing anything too destructive, the brick enters slow motion as it hits each window pain and jingles as we see an interior shot of it flying through the air thereby nullifying, just a little bit, its destructive threat.

Until 28 Nov.

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