"generally genuinely repentant"

Food Since the story seems to have moved on - oh you web and your short attention span -- I've not seen this first interview with the editor of the now notorious Cook's Source linked anywhere else.  So here it is, largely covering the narrative from her point of view and with that still prevalent approach some parts of the media has to the social web as slightly mystical unapproachable land:
"Bogus Facebook pages purporting to be run by Cooks Source have posed a particular challenge for Griggs because they have dragged some of the magazine's advertisers into the fray with harassing emails and phone messages. A handful of advertisers have parted ways with the magazine, while others remain skittish, the Gazette learned. Griggs said she has had difficulty contacting Facebook administrators to get the situation under control."
She sounds generally genuinely repentant though I suspect the single comment underneath will probably sums up the web's reaction.  One other quote worth mentioning simply because I can't quite bend what's left of my brain around it. Does she have a point?
"She questioned how a chef using a recipe he or she finds online for profit in a restaurant is any different from a magazine publishing one found online."
An apology has been posted at their website.  This seems like another occasion when something which might otherwise have stayed relatively local even a few years ago became larger than any of the people involved thanks to social media. 

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