Review 2010: Call For Entries: The Opinion Engine

Everything will be okay.

It's that time of year. Again.

Each December, as some of you will know, I try to write (or ask you to write) a series of posts grouped around a single theme or mode. Sometimes these are epic projects that cover the entire month, otherwise it's simply something to fill the days between Christmas and New Year.

This year I want to try to be epic. Again.

What I would like is for you to suggest topics for me to offer an opinion about.

Could be anything. Something cultural, a film, a book or some music. A current affairs story. A person. A concept. Even just a word.

You can be as specific as possible, phrase the suggestion as a question. Or simply a sentence or a title.

There are no restrictions although I reserve to the right not to use it or to ask you to come up with something else if I simply can't find the inspiration or feel as though I've covered it already somewhere in the past nine and half years of my blog. Unless I've changed my mind. I do that a lot.

Some readers will notice that this is a variation of what happened in Review 2006 though with slightly less restrictions. You could have a look at that if you're looking for ideas.

You will of course receive credit for your suggestion and links to your website/twitter account/anything you're trying to publicise.

I want to try and post something for every day in December so will have to start writing now so that I have something "banked".

You can contact me through the usual virtual channels:





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  1. review two "atypical" anime series: Kemonozume (full of japan-ised french "new wave" moments & explosive surrealism), Kino no Tabi (full of elegy & parabole)... would be interesting/fascinating to read the ramblings of someone like you on the subject...