"shoving microphones down your top"

TV This is a guest post, from Shouting At Cows, by Rosa Wright, who came third in the 2010 series of the BBC Four quiz show Only Connect:
"Despite the whole sexy TV atmosphere of make-up artists and soundmen shoving microphones down your top we never really felt like we were being filmed. Once you get into the game you’ve no idea that there are cameras on and you can’t see yourself on any monitors – the first time we saw ourselves was the first time it was broadcast on the telly. You might get a glimpse of the autocue but you’re far too busy trying to work out what connects the Tardis to Mary Poppin’s handbag (both much bigger inside than they appear, if you’re wondering) to pay any attention."
Well worth the spoiler. I'm a bit behind. My PVR has eight episodes waiting.  Twisted flax please.

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