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Liverpool Life This being Ignite Week or Social Media Week or whatever this collective online sharing of ideas across five or so days is called, tonight was Ignite Liverpool 5, this time held at John Moores University's shiny new Art and Design Academy, which I was excited to discover has a Tate Gallery Cafe within its inards.

As ever there was a wide variety of topics covered by a wide variety of speakers, but rather than simply regurgitating the content of their talks (which will be available to view online in due course) I thought I'd simply pull an enigmatic phrase or fact from each which I think best sums up said content.

Claire Sutton -- Swine Flu Epidemic -- "We should probably listen to mathematicians."
Siobhan Farmer -- Public Health -- Dr William Henry Duncan was born above the Blue Angel Club
Joe McNulty -- Universal Theory of Everything -- "Best not worry about these things, eh?"
Maria Barrett -- Working Class Experience of Theatre -- cultural habits are passed down
John McKerrell -- Open Source Software -- "Open source everything you do."
Christina McDermott -- Food Blogging -- "What we say matters."
John O'Shea -- Open Source Swan Pedalo -- "Now it's out in the world."
Neil McDonald -- Sci-fi pub crawl -- "Doctor on call."

With apologies if you sense that some of that only makes sense if you were there.

Afterwards we adjourned to the Everyman Bistro were, after discovering that the scones had sold out in the cafe decided on humus and bread instead.  I've never tasted humus before, not even from one of those platsic supermarket multipacks, a fact which made a few eyes around the table boggle rather and led to a moment of intense scrutiny as my reaction was read.  It was filling, tasty and I would again.  I'm now posthumus.

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