yes, even Dan In Real Life

Technology In my ongoing mission to stay behind the rest of you interweb delegates for as long as I possibly can whilst still confirm my luddite credentials but before ceasing to exist, I finally have a touch screen mobile telephone, replacing my still relatively new but terribly old Samsung B130.

The Orange Vegas was released a couple of years ago to tap into the tappable market and as this rather detailed review explains, it has most of the mod cons -- camera, mp3 player, that kind of thing -- but with a much lower spec than most hipsters could countenance with a price to match.

Example:  it can barely access the web. There is no wi-fi, no 3G.  It's 2G all the way.

So when the accompanying literature suggests that it's good for social networking, what it actually means is if you can get online and if you can load the relevant mobile version of whichever website it is.

It's still faster to text my tweets, especially since the "quick" link on the Orange World front page still lists Bebo instead.

It was, as so many of these things are, an impulse buy via this offer at the Argos outlet on eBay, at just £16.99.  Which with all its features, however neutered seemed a good price to me.

Follow that link.  Look carefully at the phone.

Yes, it's pink, which amazingly, even in this metrosexual age, is apparently still a curious choice (according to family and friends) for this hetrosexual whose currently working through every available film Juliette Binoche has appeared in via Lovefilm (yes, even Dan In Real Life).

Someone last night even asked why I have "Barbie's phone".  Personally, I think it's more of a Paris Hilton (assuming she doesn't still have a Sidekick) (can you believe that happened in 2005?).

Not being a fashion intelligible person like Hadley Freeman whose always on the side of function over aesthetics (I knew it was off-pink when I bought it) I don't know how the colour of one's mobile reflects on their personality.  Does it make me seem sensitive or even a budding Dave Lizewski without the Kick-Ass costume or deathwish?

Either way, I'm content and it means I can take pictures when I'm out and about again without having to remember to carry my camera.  Which is good for this blog and you too I guess.  You wouldn't believe the things you've missed.

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Diane said...

I love that you unabashedly have a Paris Hilton phone :) I was surprised during The Apprentice how many self-declared feminists laughed at the idea of men drinking a pale pink liquor, but yep, gender stereoypes are alive and well.

Also I didn't hate Dan in Real Life. I'd heard awful things about it, but I like Steve Carrell and it was watchable, if a bit of a waste of Binoche.