"the intellectual shutters in my brain"

Art I've been a huge Magritte fan since a school visit to the famous exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in London in 1992 which also saw us blast through a Pop Art exhibition at the Royal Academy and was one of the key moments which opened up the intellectual shutters in my brain.

As you might expect then, I'm very excited to see that Tate Liverpool are giving the Belgian artist some wall space and even for the more salacious parts of his ouvre. They're just having difficulties deciding on how to display them:
"The Tate will exhibit all six explicit drawings, including a tiny man walking towards a giant vagina, and a winged phallus flying across a dawn sky. Magritte produced them in the 1940s for a proposed illustrated edition of Madame Eduarda, an erotic novella by the French philosopher and surrealist Georges Bataille. In the event, the book was never published."
The Klimt show rather let it all hang out.

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