"Upon reflection, it’s a bit OTT."

TV Graham Kibble-White, previously and currently of Off The Telly and TV Cream also writes some rather remarkable reviews for Doctor Who Magazine and has begun a blog to post up those rather remarkable reviews so that we don't have to go fishing through back issues to find them.

Each includes a short prologue offering some background and it's quite pleasing to see someone who's work I really respect having similar uncertainties about that work. From his take on The Waters of Mars:
"This was the first-ever Doctor Who TV story I reviewed for DWM. It displays my preoccupation with the distance between writing these things, and their publication. Dunno why I have a thing about that. Upon reflection, it’s a bit OTT. I’m a little embarrassed."
He's embarrassed? My review was structured around a recipe because the name of the story location sounded similar to a soup.

Some day I'm going to write my own process post, but it's rare when I sit down after each broadcast that I've properly thought through I'm going to write and sometimes it flows and sometimes I'm still reworking the structure at one o'clock in the morning.  I expect I'm pleased with about 10% of them.  Most of the time I'm just happy to get to the other end and hope I haven't made a total fool of myself, especially when I have the flu.

Graham also links to his colleague Gary Gillat's blog, Tachyon TV and this blog, admonishing me in the link text for calling them "timelords" rather than "Time Lords".  I'm not entirely sure when I began that habit.  I think I've been doing it forever and I can see him wincing with each incorrect usage in much the same way as I do when I see an apostrophe in proximity to DVDs on signs in charity shops.  Needless to say, I'm willing to change.

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