the difficulties of flying into Antarctica

Nature You will have heard about the penguin that washed up on the shores of New Zealand and that their Department of Conservation has decided to just let nature take its course rather than give it a lift home even though its resorting to eating sand (somewhat because of the difficulties of flying into Antarctica at this time of year).

But anyone who's seen Werner Herzog's film Encounters at the End of the World (or this clip) will know that it's not unusual for penguins to lose their way both geographically and psychologically and the rule is to always to leave them be:

Update! 24/06/2011 Steeloctopus in the comments points us to the news that the penguin has been moved and is being taken care of, the sand being flushed from its system. There's a suggestion that it'll be transported to a facility in the US that's expert in caring for emperor penguins.

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